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Studying in Siena

Why Study @ DIISM
  1. Study in a highly qualified university
    The University of Siena is one of the oldest universities in Europe and has a great tradition in high level education, along with a strong commitment to research and innovation. It ranked 1st among medium-size Italian universities in 2014/15, and 2nd in 2016/17 (Censis ranking). Censis ranking.

  2. Join a top level research center
    The Faculty of Engineering ranked 1st among all Italian engineering schools in the 2006 evaluation of the Italian research system ( 2006 CIVR - Italian Committee for the Evaluation of Research).
    The Deparment of Information Engineering ranked 9th, among 79 large engineering departments in Italy, in the evaluation of research quality performed by the ANVUR agency ( VQR 2004-2010)

  3. Benefit from advanced laboratories and infrastructures
    The Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics hosts active and qualified research groups which run 11 research laboratories and are involved in a large number of international projects.

  4. Build your professional future in Italy
    Italy has a long tradition of engineering studies, from Leonardo da Vinci to Guglielmo Marconi, from Enzo Ferrari to Federico Faggin. Engineering and Mathematical degrees have one of the highest rate of employment in Italy (more than 90% one year after the degree). The Italian economy is mostly based on manufacturing companies and exports: the need for engineers at different levels is steadily increasing.

  5. Live in a beautiful town in the center of "Sunny Tuscany"
    Siena is a medieval town located in the center of Italy, within the Chiantishire area. Historical tradition, lively cultural experiences and new technologies blend together in a unique scenario, chosen every year by more than 15000 Italian and foreign students.